Japan Rail Pass Discount: Cheapest Prices with FREE Delivery & Travel Guide

The Japan Rail Pass or JR Pass is one of the most useful tools for tourists in Japan, a pass that allows us to make unlimited trips on JR group trains, as well as some buses and a ferry, during its validity period.
The Rail Pass is designed to stimulate travel and tourism throughout the country. It is only cost effective for long-distance travel, particularly by bullet train.

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Japan Rail Pass prices and types

TypesStandardGreen Pass
7 days$ 261$ 131$ 348$ 175 Buy
14 days
$ 414
$ 208$ 562
$ 282
21 days
$ 529
$ 265$ 731$ 366 Buy

* If the child is from 0 to 5 years old, he can travel for free, he will not need a JR pass.

* Prices are accurate as of January 2020

Types of JR Passes:

As you can see, the JR Pass can have three different durations, of 7, 14 or 21 consecutive days.

In addition, we have the distinction depending on whether it is enough to travel in economy or ordinary class, or we want to do it in the Green class, equivalent to the Preferred or Business class in an airplane.

Is it worth buying the JR Pass?

To make it easy to answer the question of whether it is worth buying the JR Pass, we give you here a first basic rule:

If we make a minimum of two long trips in Shinkansen, it is already worth buying the one week JR Pass

To know if it is worth buying, we have to calculate what trips we are going to make during our trip to Japan and look for prices in Hyperdia. If we see that we are close to obtaining profitability, we can always group the large displacements so that they all occur during the period of validity of the JR Pass that we have purchased.

Who can use the JR Pass?

It is important to note that the JR Pass is personal and non-transferable, since you need to communicate the name and passport number when buying it.

Where to Use a Japan Rail Pass?

The JR Pass in principle serves to use all the trains of the JR Group, as we said at the beginning. But these companies also have buses and, in some cases, even a ferry.

  • All Shinkansen except Nozomi services (existing between Tokyo, Osaka and Hakata, on the Tokaido and Sanyo lines) and Mizuho (between Kagoshima, Hakata and Osaka, on the Kyushu and Sanyo lines).
  • Urban train lines. This includes, for example, the famous and very useful Yamanote line in Tokyo, which allows us to reach all the important points of the city. It would also include the Osaka Loop Line, although it is less interesting.
  • The JR Miyajima ferry ideal for visiting this beautiful island.
  • Narita Express (requires previous seat reservation) between Narita Airport and various points in Tokyo.
  • Local lines of JR bus companies.

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